Recover From Sports Injuries with Physical Therapy

Whether you’re a professional athlete, high school athlete, or just play for fun, injuries can (and often do) occur in sports. Playing sports requires strength, energy, and stamina and can take a physical toll on our bodies. Depending on the sport you play, physical contact can increase the chances of an injury. If you do sustain an injury while playing a sport, physical therapy can be crucial to healing your body and getting you back in the game.

What are some common sports injuries?

Sports injuries can vary in severity, from concussions and other head injuries to broken bones and sprains. Below are a few of the most common sports injuries:

  • Strains and sprains: Also known as a pulled muscle, strains occur when a muscle is overstretched or torn. On the other hand, sprains are the stretching or tearing of ligaments.
  • Knee injuries: According to Medical News Today, the knee is the most stressed joint in the body, with an estimated 2.5 million knee-related sports injuries reported every year. Knee injuries can be minor aches and pains or more severe, like ACL tears.
  • Dislocations: Dislocating a joint is when the joint is forcefully moved out of place, leaving the joint completely immobile.
  • Fractures: Commonly called a broken bone, fractures are a complete or partial break in a bone caused by trauma or overuse.
  • Achilles tendon injuries: Linking the muscles in your calf to your heel, your Achilles tendon undergoes pressure during daily activities like walking, and playing sports only adds to that pressure. Injuries to your Achilles tendon can include tendonitis or a tendon rupture.
  • Shin splints: Putting repetitive stress onto your shins overworks nearby muscles, tendons, and bone tissue. This can cause significant, sometimes debilitating pain but can be prevented by stretching and wearing the proper footwear while playing.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Injuries and Physical Therapy

Sports injuries can occur in many ways, and like other injuries, can be acute or chronic. Most frequently, sports injuries result from sudden impact or trauma, an accident, improper equipment or training, or weakening muscles. Sports injuries are just as likely to occur in professional athletes as it is in adolescents, so it’s essential for all athletes to understand common sports injuries and how to treat them.

Often sports injuries require the attention of a physical therapist, and Performance Evolution is trained to treat athletes and injuries specific to sports. The injuries sustained by a basketball player may be different than those sustained by a football player, so it’s crucial to have a physical therapist who understands the different physical requirements of each sport.

After an evaluation, your physical therapist will put together a plan for you based on your injury and future goals, but some common techniques include manual therapies like deep tissue massages, strength and conditioning training, biomechanics, and other rehabilitation techniques like dry needling. These exercises are geared to strengthen your muscles, increase range of motion, reduce inflammation, and hopefully prevent future injuries from occurring.

For certain sports injuries, The National Institute of Health suggests first treating your injury with RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation as well as over-the-counter pain medication. However, for athletes in particular, physical therapy can be the difference between sitting on the sidelines or getting back in the game. Left untreated, sports injuries can not only have an effect on your performance but also your health and overall wellbeing.

If over-the-counter medications and the RICE method haven’t worked, or if your injury is more severe, it’s best to call a physical therapist for a full evaluation of your current condition.

How do I get started?

Depending on insurance, patients pay or may not need a referral for physical therapy. However, Massachusetts is a direct access state, meaning patients are free to choose the physical therapist of their choice without a referral. Give us a call today at (781) 859-4189 or request an appointment online

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